duplex sme model


Two-bedded mechanism with welded wire meshes. The upper frame has an easy front-opening system which can be pulled ahead of the back.The lower frame has a lever to open the bed manually. It can be used as a back. Any type of mattress can be used.


Description Value
Mattress with minimum 750
Mattress with maximum 800
Maximum mattress length 1960
Polyurethane mattress height 140
Sprung mattress height 140
Option of having bayonet couplings Yes (optional)
Motorised opening for the sofa bed No
Mechanical structure frame minimum with 800
Mechanical structure frame maximum with 850
Maximum depth frame
Bed height 340
Top Bed height 340
Seat height 340
Assembly kit No
Version with wooden slats Yes
Version with electrowelded bed base Yes
Version with mesh bed base No
The bed can be opened without having to remove the cushions
Can be used every day Yes
Bed function Yes
Sofa function Yes
Relax function No
Max no. of people (bed) 2
Max no. of people (sofa) 3



Mis. A B C D Mattress size
80 850 800 1960 1900 1880 x 800 x 140
75 800 750 1900 1840 1820 x 750 x 140

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