Easy Bed Electric Version

Bed base

The COM38 model is a fully electric bed lifting mechanism, this allows the creation of a container bed with two automatic functions: access to the box and positioning at human height to speed up the phase of bed preparation. The mechanism has been tested for 5000 opening and closing cycles that correspond to about 12 years of daily use. The possibility of use via smartphone and interconnection with a home automation environment system has been set up. The product is equipped with all the safety systems useful for correct use, among which the main ones are: acoustic signaling of activation and use, back of the mechanism if stopped during the race, use of the remote control to enter a lock code as a safety for children, each system is aimed at creating a safe and comfortable home environment.


Measures of mattresses are regular

Mis. A Mattress size
160 1600 1940 x 1600 x 200
140* 1400 1940 x 1400 x 200
120 1200 1940 x 1200 x 200
80 800 1940 x 800 x 200

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