Model Ciris

Tilting mechanisms

The CIRIS – COM36 mechanism is the latest innovation on the market, a mechanism with a greater depth of 90cm and adaptable to any type of design and solution. its dimensions are at the minimum among the categories of mechanisms on the market, it has a height from the ground of only 30cm including the feet of 8cm and is the only one to offer the solution 13cm foot in the same mechanism, buying only the extension kit. The CIRIS model is characterized by its versatility of padding allowing you to create living rooms and design elements unique and modern, without having to give up the convenience of a comfortable bed with mattress 12cm high polyurethane.


Mis. A B C Mattress size
180 1800 1650 1660 1910 x 1650 x 120
160 1600 1450 1460 1910 x 1450 x 120
140 1400 1250 1260 1910 x 1250 x 120
120 1200 1050 1060 1910 x 1050 x 120
90 900 750 760 1910 x 750 x 120
the measures are regulars

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